How to add cash to your Pockit account?

Created by Pockit Help, Modified on Wed, 08 Nov 2023 at 04:17 PM by Maxim kostenko

It's quick and easy to add cash into your Pockit account at one of 27,000 PayPoint stores near you.

  1. Find the PayPoint store near you
  2. Tell the cashier you’d like to add money and how much
  3. Show the cashier your unique barcode. See where to find it
  4. Get a receipt

If, for some reason, your barcode is not recognised by the PayPoint terminal, please ask the cashier to enter the 19 digits underneath your barcode.

Please note

We add a £1.99 fee to help us cover the costs of the service. For example, if you add £10 then we'll add £8.01 to your account. If you deposit £100, we'll add £98.01. See our pricing here.

The maximum amount you can add depends on the type of your Pockit account. See more on limits here.