Do you need to do anything?

Created by Maxim kostenko, Modified on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 04:29 PM by Maxim kostenko

This change will have no impact on how you currently use your Pockit Account and Pockit prepaid Mastercard®, however, we are required to inform you of this operational change which we expect will take effect on 21/04/23.

Though there will be very little practical difference in how you make use of the Pockit services, we will have a new issuer & electronic money account supplier responsible for the services previously/currently provided by PayrNet Limited. It will be replaced by PSI-Pay Ltd (FRN FRN 900011) and Modulr FS Limited (FCA FRN 900573).

By continuing using your Pockit Account and Pockit prepaid Mastercard® you accept changes to Pockit terms & conditions as well as terms and conditions for both PSI-Pay Ltd and Modulr.

If you do not want to accept these changes to our Terms and Conditions

You must tell us no later than 18/04/23 if you do not want PSI-Pay & Modulr to replace PayrNet Limited under the Prepaid Card & Account Agreement. You can do this by requesting us to close your Pockit account. Your Pockit Card & Account will remain in full force unless you instruct Pockit to close your Card and Account.