How much money can you spend on your Pockit card online or in-store?

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The maximum amount you can spend depends on the type of your Pockit account. See how to check this

Please note: limits when paying with your Pockit card in the UK & abroad, online and in-store are shared

 Full Account HolderEnhanced Limit Account HolderAdditional card account holder (separate balance)Additional card account holder (shared balance)
Maximum value at any one time£5,000£10,000£2,000£5,000
Daily amount£5,000£10,000£2,000£5,000
Daily number of transactions40404040
Monthly amount£10,000£20,000£5,000£10,000
Monthly number of transactions1,2801,2801,2801,280
Annual amount£30,000£120,000£30,000£30,000
Annual number of transactions10,00010,00010,00010,000

Please note a contactless prepaid Mastercard® is required to make purchases in-store.