What happens if you can’t afford to pay for your Pockit Extra plan?

Created by Pockit Help, Modified on Tue, 18 Oct 2022 at 10:43 AM by Pockit Help

If you’re unable to pay your subscription payment, we might have to downgrade your Pockit Extra to our Standard plan. You have 10 days to add money to your Pockit account to avoid losing your Pockit Extra benefits.

After that, if we are still not able to collect your Pockit Extra payment — your plan will automatically be downgraded to Pockit Standard. Please note that in this any cashback earned during this period will not be credited and any transactions from your Pockit Extra allowance made during this period will be charged separately.

A number of charities and organisations can offer advice, help and support if you're in difficult circumstances. We’ve put together a list here.